Климат и демография

Map of The Unexplored World From 1881

Travel Times from London in 1914

here are the 5 largest cities (based on greater metropolitan population) in each area ordered from north to south:

Moscow (Europe) – 55°45′N
London (Europe) – 51°30′N
Calgary (Canada) – 51°03′N
Vancouver (Canada) – 49°15′N
Paris (Europe) – 48°51′N
Montreal (Canada) – 45°30′N
Ottawa (Canada) – 45°25′N
Toronto (Canada) – 43°42′N
Boston (USA) – 42°21′N
Chicago (USA) – 41°50′N
Istanbul (Europe) – 41°00′N
New York (USA) – 40°42′N
Madrid (Europe) – 40°23′N
Washington DC (USA) – 38°54′N
Los Angeles (USA) – 34°03′N

Counterintuitive Comparison Of Relative Population Latitudes Of US, Canada & Europe

European & North American Cities Transposed Onto The Opposite Continent At The Same Latitude

Road-Trip Following A Constant 70°F (21°C) Normal Daytime High Temperature

Where Are Winters The Worst? The Winter Severity Index Has The Answer

50% of Canadians Live South of The Red Line

Probability of a White Christmas Across The United States

Probability of a White Christmas Across Europe

European Population Density: The Black & Blue Areas Have Identical Populations

World Potato Cultivation Map

Light Pollution Around The World

The 4037 Cities In The World With Over 100,000 People

The True Size of Africa

Awesome New Cartogram Shows World Population in 2015
4 Maps That Put China’s & India’s Populations Into Perspective
The World’s Population In 1900 Looked Very Different Than Today
US States & Territories Resized By Population
The Amur River: Dividing Deserted Russian Siberia From Populous Chinese Manchuria
The Theft And Return Of Australian Indigenous Land 1788 To 2013
The Astounding Drop in Global Fertility Rates Between 1970 And 2014
Major European Cities On A Map Of Texas
Half of Australia Lives Here
More People Live Inside This Circle Than Outside Of It

What If The EU Had 28 Member States With Equal Populations?

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