нефть, золото, долг

US Oil Rig Count Rises At Fastest Pace Since Dec 2011

When Energy Loans Go Bad: Why America’s Largest Bank Is Sliding

Talk Of Oil «Death Spiral» Emerges

Here Are The Three Narratives «Explaining The Persistent Equity Bid»

«The World Is Walking From Crisis To Crisis» — Why BofA Sees $1,500 Gold And $30 Silver

With Over $13 Trillion In Negative-Yielding Debt, This Is The Pain A 1% Spike In Rates Would Inflict

A Portrait Of Quantitative Failure

Saudi Strategy Working: OPEC Captures Largest Market Share Since 1975

earnings, the Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen and the falling credibility of central banks

India’s ‘Gold Shirt Man’ Stoned-And-Sickled To Death By Mob

These Are The 10 Corporate Bond With The Most Negative Yields In The World

Is This The Critical Threshold For The Gold Rally To Continue?

Germany Sells First Ever Negative-Yielding 10Y Treasury, Corporate Bonds

The Chinese Will Need Another Bailout

Goldeja-vu — How The Bear Ends

US Trade Deficit Jumps In May As Stronger Dollar Puts A Lid On Exports

Goldman Reveals How China Is Covering Up Hundreds Of Billions In Capital Outflows

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