Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

OCS Lands Act History
The Reorganization of the Former MMS

BOEM Organizational Chart

Combined Leasing Status Report

2012 — 2017 Lease Sale Schedule

External Studies

Comparative Assessment of the Federal Oil and Gas Fiscal System

Oil & Gas Energy Programs2012-2017 Five Year Program

Fact Sheets & Press Releases

Resource Evaluation Program Office

Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Assessment 2006

The Bureau has completed an assessment of the undiscovered technically recoverable resources (UTRR) underlying offshore waters on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

The Bureau estimates that the quantity of undiscovered technically recoverable resources ranges from 66.6 to 115.3 billion barrels of oil and 326.4 to 565.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The mean or average estimate is 85.9 billion barrels of oil and 419.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.
(нефть — 12 млрд. toe, газ — 11.8 трлн. м3
По данным BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2013 в 2012 г. в США потребление
нефть — 819.9 млн. toe
газ — 722.1 млрд. м3)

These volumes of UTRR for the OCS represent about 60 percent of the total oil and 40 percent of the total natural gas estimated to be contained in undiscovered fields in the United States. The mean estimates for both oil and gas increased about 15 percent compared to the 2001 assessment. For the oil resources, the vast majority of this increase occurred in the deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico, while for gas resources the majority of the increase was in deep gas plays located beneath the shallow water shelf of the Gulf of Mexico.

Resource Evaluation Program

— — —
Interior Finalizes Plan to Make All Highest-Resource Areas in the U.S. Offshore Available for Oil & Gas Leasing. Next Five-Year Strategy Includes Frontier Areas in the Alaska Arctic Map Gallery

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