Range Resources: Обзор компании, общие сведения

Range Resources – американская независимая нефтегазовая компания. Штаб-квартира располагается в городе Форт-Уэрт, штат Техас. Вся деятельность компании сосредоточена в США: на Юго-Западе, в районе Аппалачских гор и в Мексиканском заливе.

Range Resources
Range Resources is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Range is best known for its lead role in applying high-volume slickwater hydraulic fracturing («new fracking») techniques to produce shale gas from the Devonian-aged Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.

Because much of the Marcellus Shale lies under rural but significantly-populated areas, the company routinely purchases leases from small homeowners for the rights to drill on their land. They have over $1 billion USD invested in southwestern Pennsylvania, while it also has operations in the Southwestern United States.

Range Resources traces its roots to Lomak Petroleum, which was based in Hartville, Ohio in 1976, and drilled wells in eastern Ohio. In 1992, it moved its headquarters to Fort Worth and merged in 1998 with Domain Energy Corp. to become its present form. It also participated in a joint venture with FirstEnergy called Great Lakes Energy Partners LLC which it bought out in 2004 to form the subsidiary Range Resources Appalachia LLC.[7] Before its major expansion into the Marcellus Shale, Range Resources only held a small position in the Texas Barnett Shale and 9000 «worn-out gas wells across the Appalachian basin that had been producing for 25 years». However, geologist William Zagorski, who worked for the company, used the knowledge of fracking gained working in the Barnett Shale (pioneered in the region by Mitchell Energy) to attempt fracking in Appalachia.

The first test used a vertical drill, but Range Resources built three horizontal test wells in 2005 (in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania) and bought $200 million USD worth of land in 2007. The company had spent less than $1000 per acre on average to acquire land suitable for drilling, compared to larger traditional oil and gas players who joined the exploration rush late in the game who had «recent deals primed at $14,000 an acre».

In 2010, Forbes called Range Resources «King of the Marcellus Shale» with an enterprise value of $8 billion USD, suggesting that its position should attract energy investors scared by offshore drilling’s unlimited liabilities, as shown by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. It suggested that after factoring Range’s profitable use of land acquisitions, a true value could be closer to $20 billion USD.

Company Presentation – April 25, 2012

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Говорится о росте запасов и продукции, но не говорится о росте доходов.
Картина, видимо будет похожа на Чесапик.
Хотя, конечно, снижение расходов несколько увеличит доходы

— — — — — — —
Картина такая же как у Чесапик: показ роста на добычи и запасов на акцию

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Картина такая же как у Чесапик: сдвиг на жидкости

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Капитальные расходы 2012 г. планируют на основе займов.
Продажи активов
Захеджировались хорошо по газу на 2012 г.

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Все о продукции, но где данные по прибыли 🙂

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