World Energy Council: Survey of Energy Resources 2010

World Energy Council (WEC)
Founded 1924
Headquarters London, UK
The idea for the foundation of WEC came from Daniel Nicol Dunlop in the 1920s. He wanted to gather experts from all around the world to discuss current and future energy issues. He organised in 1923 first national committees, which organised the first World Power Conference (WPC) in 1924. 1700 experts from 40 countries met in London to discuss energy issues. The meeting was a success and the participants decided on July 11, 1924 to establish a permanent organisation named World Power Conference. Dunlop was elected as its first Secretary General. In 1968 the name was changed to World Energy Conference and in 1992 it became the World Energy Council.
Today, WEC has Member Committees established in over 90 countries, which represent over 3000 member organizations including governments, industry and expert institutions.


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